Arved Schultze / Schneider TM / Tomoko Nakasato / Zappi W. Diermaier

Tomoko Nakasato, Arved Schultze, Schneider TM, Zappi Diermaier

A multidimensional and interactive Naval Performance to collectively transform and soften hardened cores of human states of mind by playing the Morse code of the letter L (• – • •).

17:00 Part I: Concert in the Hohenwarthe lock
19:00 Part II: Barbecue and collective rehearsal in front of the Magdeburg canal bridge
21:00 Part III: Procession over the Magdeburg canal bridge

The people of Hohenwarthe and everybody else attending are kindly invited to participate by bringing and playing any kind of object that makes sound such as instruments, pans or pots & spoons, tools, vuvuzelas, bicycle bells etc.. Everyone can play this score and we all will do it together after a short rehearsal.

With Arved Schultze (horn, smoke, lights), Schneider TM (saxophone, percussion, electromagnetic radiation), Tomoko Nakasato (movement installation, percussion), Werner "Zappi" Diermaier (drums)
& the people of Hohenwarthe, Freiwillige Feuerwehr Hohenwarthe, SC Magdeburg Rudern, Ortsbürgerverein, Sportverein Eintracht Hohenwarthe.

Very special thanks to Frank Winter & the Crew of ZK/U !