Art Ashram

Klara Adam, Sina Ahlers, Nelli David, Florian Dietrich, Georg Scherlin, Verena Seibt, Markus Zimmermann

Through a series of residencies, Art Ashram develop new business models, engage in commercial perfume production, invent analog mining games, and occupy exhibition spaces.

Art Ashram will settle down as a collective on the route around Hanover, in order to use the partially closed quarries as a starting point for their artistic field research, the results of this examination will be reactivated as a performance in the form of ceramics and film at the documenta fifteen.

In the soft rock of the huge marl pits in Hanover-Misburg there are countless belemnites - arrow-shaped remains of primeval squid. Together with students from the Pestalozzi school in Hannover Misburg, Art Ashram goes to the HPC II pit to salvage the fossils. This treasure is ceremoniously handed over to citizenship at the Anderten lock and begins its journey to Kassel. Once there, the Belemnite Bullet Mold is mass-produced in the Factory. The wet blanks twist in the hands of the visitors. The rigid purposefulness of the original form becomes a movement of collective action.