participate and become a crew member!

 Please read the following, before submitting your application to become a citizenship crew member!

For safety reasons, children under 6 years can not participate in the trip, we ask for your understanding!

Your registration alone does not constitute a binding claim to a place on board the citizenship. Only when you receive a written booking confirmation from us, we can allow you to travel on the ship. If you do not receive a confirmation, all seats are already taken.

Nevertheless we are looking forward to your visit at one of our stops!

  • Please arrive at the Harbor before 10 a.m. on the morning or, the evening/night before, we sail to the next stop!
  • ZK/U will provide 3 Meals in a day, warm beverages, and a place to sleep, any external costs will be your responsibility.
  • We have a kitchen, a toilette, and cold shower on the citizenship. You’ll sleep either on the citizenship or at the camping place recommended by local community.
  • We have very limited space on the boat, please bring as fewer Items as you can. We will provide special costumes for our guests.
  • Please bring your swimwear, coins for campsite hygiene areas and leisure, towel, as well as sheets, and a sleeping bag. Please also remember to bring an ID.
  • If you are attending with a group, we need one contact person for each group, this person will be responsible to plan your trip to the boat and contact our crew for logistic help and tips.By becoming a citizenship crew member you will support the citizenship in any ways, follow the orders of the skipper and donate your energy for moving forward. Details will follow.

citizenship under repair

The first twelve days on the citizenship have flown by! Many thanks to everyone involved so far for this magnificent collaborative journey.

Yesterday, however, the citizenship was brought to a shipyard near Magdeburg as the balance of the boat needs some adjustments before we can continue.
We will pause the booking process while the ship is being repaired, so thank you for your patience in case you haven't heard from us yet.

Thanks to the collective power and great support of local clubs, engineers & communities, the citizenship will be ready to sail again very soon!
The latest developments and updates on the citizenship continuing its journey to Kassel will be posted here on the website.